Individual Counseling in San Diego

Sometimes we may feel stuck or that things are always going wrong for us. This may cause us stress, anxiety, and even depression. Seeking out help is not always easy and we may not even know where to begin. Individual counseling is a way to start. It is a collaborative process in which a unique, confidential helping relationship is developed between you and a counselor. In this relationship, the counselor acts as a facilitator to help you to understand more accurately yourself and the world around you. Together you will explore your feelings and behaviors, relationships with others, choices and decisions that you make, and your current situation.

Being in individual counseling will help you with self-growth and self-actualization. This will allow you to overcome barriers and release extreme beliefs and feelings that you may have. You will take a look at belief systems that are stopping you from having healthy relationships with yourself and others.

Individual Counseling can also increase many positive qualities of Self, such as joy, compassion, peace, self-esteem, spiritual connection, and love.

By providing a safe and nurturing environment I can help you with all these things. You will learn effective coping skills to deal with your anger and/or stress. I can teach you how to communicate better with your loved ones and co-workers. We will challenge the belief systems that hold are holding you back from having a more meaningful and happier life.

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