San Diego Family Therapy

San Diego Family TherapyWhen you think about whom we are closest to and whom we are most comfortable with it is usually our family. They are the people for whom we have the greatest love and deepest concern. We know we can count on them to help us when we are down and feeling weak. In most cases our family keeps us strong and positive when we are in despair. When we are feeling weak and don’t recognize support from our family, family therapy may be able to help. Our most important relationships are often with our parents, siblings, partner and children. Our parents are our models for learning how to communicate and how to have meaningful relationships with other people.

Unfortunately, for many people, family is associated with stress, anger, disconnection, misunderstanding, and unmet needs and expectations. Even for people whose families are generally close and supportive, things aren’t always perfect. When arguments, confrontations, and conflicts are not resolved our resentments grow and grow until we feel irritated, angry and disappointed. When this happens, family therapy can help with communication and learning new skills to resolve future conflicts.

Our family dynamics, when not harmonious, can greatly interfere with the functioning of every member of the household. When two people don’t get along it affects everyone in the family. When more than two people don’t get along things can begin to unravel quickly. These difficulties can exhibit as depression, difficulty with relationships, and acting out in school (especially for teens and children) or even the work place. Unfortunately one person usually gets the blame for the dysfunction. However they are usually the symptom that something is out of balance. The family must cooperate and work together to find a solution.

Through family therapy, improving communication and learning how to resolve conflicts the family will strengthen and come together as a whole.

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